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Minneapolis Boudoir Sessions

November 23rd, 2009

Our Garters and Lace sessions went by quickly, and I’m now getting emails from clients about boudoir sessions in general.  I thought it would be easiest to answer en masse for everyone to see.

We don’t promote our boudoir sessions as much as others simply for our client’s privacy.  That is why most of our sample images do not include a person’s face.  We take this very seriously, and think you should, too.  What if you get a job down the road and someone has any image of you in a sexy cowgirl outfit that they got offline?  There have been enough examples of the negative side of this in the news to convince us that even the most tasteful image can potentially hurt a client’s reputation down the line.  Since we don’t promote this side of our photography publicly, our clients come to us mostly from word of mouth.  If you have a friend interested in our boudoir sessions, just send them this blog entry for all info!

Studio Laguna’s Boudoir Sessions – these sessions are an hour long and include your high resolution negatives.  The client pays a sitting fee (currently $200) and pays for the hotel room of their choice.  We have developed connections with some of the nicer local hotels and can sometimes get very good rates for a nice room.  Since you rent the room for the night, most of our clients surprise their guy with a nice mini vacation later that day. 

Many times, a couple girlfriends will split the cost of the room and all go out later that night after their shoots.  We have also done boudoir bachelorette parties, which is a TON of fun! 

Studio Laguna’s Garters and Lace – this is a yearly event, scheduled in the late fall/early winter that is a more compact version of our boudoir sessions.  Current sessions cost $150 and the shoot is 45 minutes long.  High resolution negatives are still included.  The benefit of this event is that Studio Laguna picks up the tab for the room cost, and we get a top notch suite.  Garters and Lace tends to have more of a party atmosphere, very high energy and fun.  It is a great way to get amazing images at a reduced cost, but sessions fill up quickly.

As with all of Studio Laguna’s photography, we strive to create something out of the ordinary.  Beautiful and creative.  We stand by our catch phrase, “distinctive portraiture”. 


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