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Author Headshots

January 18th, 2015


Today I photographed Meg, an author from Rochester.  She has a new book coming out and needed images for her marketing materials and her book jacket.  We met at Rudy’s Event Rentals space so we could use her lovely furniture and the pretty natural light in her space.  Brett Dorrian got Meg all dolled up, and feeling like a million bucks.


We went for a variety of images, from sweet to sultry to smiley so Meg will have plenty of looks to choose from as she markets her new book.  Meg, it was a pleasure working with you today!  Good luck on everything!!!

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Chris and Lisa

January 1st, 2015


Chris and Lisa rang in the new year with their wedding yesterday!  Words can’t describe this fantastic, warm, sweet, hilarious, playful, goofy couple or the wonderful people they surround themselves with.  All I can say, is that Saint Paul’s heart grew 100 times when all of these fabulous humans converged at the Hotel 340 to celebrate the long awaited moment when Chris and Lisa would wed.

The day started off with Glam Doll Donuts, ’nuff said.


The wedding took place at the St Paul Athletic Club, a beautiful historic building in downtown St Paul.  Lisa and her ladies glammed it up…


…while the guys got in a workout.


Um, yeah.  No words, these guys were the bomb.


Wedding pinup?  Why yes, please!


We all braved the cold (sorry about the potential frostbite, Chris!) for some outdoor portraits.  The new Pedro Park was perfect for this group, bright, colorful and larger than life.

newyearsevewedding0007 newyearsevewedding0008

One more quick stop for a portrait with the Peanuts gang.

newyearsevewedding0009 newyearsevewedding0010

Chris and Lisa used elements from the theater throughout the day.  They named their wedding “Meet Me in St Paul” and their wedding program was a playbill, complete with cast list and a four scene ceremony. They started off the ceremony with a rude guest on a cell phone being escorted out by the groomsmen.  Then the bride entered to the most elegant traditional wedding march, which transitioned into the theme song for The Muppet Show, which immediately told the guests this was no ordinary wedding.

newyearsevewedding0011 newyearsevewedding0012

A friend of the couple did a fantastic job officiating, and even dabbing the bridal tears during the vows.


A little known German wedding tradition called “Amalden Sagen” was performed.

newyearsevewedding0014 newyearsevewedding0015

After the ceremony, the brave couple ventured outside to take advantage of the gorgeous lights in Rice Park.  WORTH IT!

newyearsevewedding0016 newyearsevewedding0017

A couple more portraits (showing off the lovely flowers designed by Lund and Lange) back at the Hotel 340 and then it was time to party!


I love the elegant ballroom at the St Paul Athletic Club, and the fact that WA Frost is the in house caterer.  Shimmery metallic decor bathed in candlelight worked perfectly with the space, and a Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy cake topper kept things lighthearted.  The couple chose comfort foods like meatloaf and ravioli to fill their guests’ bellies so they could party hardy all night…there was even a surprise wedding party dance!  DJ Joe kept the tunes spinning and the guests held nothing back when dancing.  No words can express the following pictures, I’ll just let you all enjoy!

newyearsevewedding0019 newyearsevewedding0020 newyearsevewedding0021 newyearsevewedding0022 newyearsevewedding0023 newyearsevewedding0024 newyearsevewedding0025 newyearsevewedding0026 newyearsevewedding0027 newyearsevewedding0028 newyearsevewedding0029

A celebration full of joy and humor!  Chris and Lisa, thank you so much for letting us tag along for the ride!  Enjoy your sneak peek!!!!

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Winter Family Portraits

December 30th, 2014

I truly love working with this family, and seeing their children grow and more being added to the brood.  With subzero temperatures, and part of the family acclimated to California weather, an indoor lifestyle session was definitely the way to go.  We started off with the kiddos and their grandparents, and worked our way through the different family groups with promises of cinnamon buns and chocolate if everyone smiled.  The best part of photographing little ones is listening to the parents sing goofy songs and say silly words to encourage smiles.

familyportraits0001 familyportraits0002 familyportraits0003

Goofy cousins!

familyportraits0004 familyportraits0005

The final result…


…how everyone really felt.


What a fun bunch of people!!!

familyportraits0008 familyportraits0009

And of course the heads of the household get a portrait, too!  It was only -11 windchill, no biggie!

familyportraits0010 familyportraits0011 familyportraits0012

I had a ton of fun with all of you today!  Thank you for opening up your home!  Enjoy your sneak peek!

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Di and Tracie

December 13th, 2014

Tracie and Di were married today!  Actually, they have been married for 15 years, but tonight they made it legal in the state of Minnesota!


These two wanted to just have a simple pot luck get together, but their family and friends wouldn’t have it.  The couple was flooded with requests to help decorate, design flowers, play music, and contribute in every way they could.  Tracie and Di are both very giving loving people, and their tribe wanted to love on them right back.  The brides planned this entire wedding in under a month.  It was stressful and crazy, with so many things to consider and decisions to make quickly.  Fortunately, they hired Gretchen from Rocket Science Weddings and Events to help guide the process.


The wedding took place at Sokol Hall, a true part of St Paul history.  It is a lovely theater, and has a variety of antique backdrops to choose from.  Di and Tracie chose a woodland scene, and Avant Decor hung cafe lights across the front of the stage to give it even more charm.  As it got dark outside, guests arrived for the wedding, all bringing a favorite dish to share, made with love.  Beloved nieces and nephews started the processional and then the brides were escorted in by their parents to live bagpipe music.


Music was a huge part of the evening.  With various friends and family performing.


The vows and ring ceremonies were full of laughter and love, shared respect and appreciation.  Pride in their state for being brave and standing up for equality.  I truly lost it when the officiant asked for all the LGBT couples in the hall to stand that had been together for 15 or more years…and to see so many stand!  Such loving relationships, it was so moving.




After the recessional, Tracie and Di were completely surprised when all of their guests flash mobbed them with a performance of Glory of Love.



Then, it was time to eat!  The smorgasbord of food was quite impressive!  Guests enjoyed eating at long tables, sharing stories, drinking wine, and celebrating.





After heart felt speeches, there were two performances to kick off the dance!







Tracie and Di, it has been so fun getting to know you in this whirlwind time!  I hope you had a magical evening and I’m so thankful to have been a part of it!!!

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Home for the Holidays

December 1st, 2014

The other day I photographed a fabulous family!  I love the warmth and joy this group had, and it was such a blast running all over Rudy’s Event Rentals photographing the little kids.

zthanksgiving001 zthanksgiving003 zthanksgiving005 zthanksgiving007 zthanksgiving019 zthanksgiving024 zthanksgiving026 zthanksgiving033

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Dani Tietjen at the Southern Theater

November 25th, 2014

Dani Tietjen travels throughout the United States encouraging her audiences to learn the language of expectations.  She uses humor and raw honesty to help speak truth into her participants’ relationships.  So when she decided to create a promo video, I jumped at the chance to work with her again and get to listen to her new talk about living in North Minneapolis and keeping hope alive. 

Chad Amour and Motion 117 Productions worked with Dani to produce the concept of the video and they agreed that the Southern Theater was the perfect locale.  Oh, and of course Brett Dorrian Artistry Studios was brought in because she knows her stuff when it comes to commercial hair and makeup for studio lighting.  Dani asked the oh so fabulous Rachel Kurtz (seriously, she sings to your SOUL.  Go check her out at Icehouse) to warm up the crowd with a couple songs.

Thanks to everyone who came out, here are a few images from the evening, including some rare behind the scenes footage ;)

southern01 southern02 southern03 southern04 southern05 southern06

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Rudy’s Event Rentals Open House

November 21st, 2014

I am so proud of Michelle, owner of Rudy’s Event Rentals.  With a lot of hard work and determination, in just a year she has turned her idea to rent hand made farm tables into a thriving boutique shop and rental company.  Last night was her open house, where she debuted her space to clients and vendor friends.  What a lovely night!  This place truly is a sight with its gold damask floors and custom wood wall!  Girl Friday, A Day in Provence , and Positively Charmed worked with Michelle to create a lovely inviting space.  Green Mill, D’Amico, and Ganache provided delish bites, and guests enjoyed some bubbly to the tunes of Haugenius.

rudys0001 rudys0002 rudys0003 rudys0004 rudys0005 rudys0006 rudys0007

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Snug as a Bug

November 20th, 2014

This weekend John ventured across the twin cities to photograph a family in their home.  They wanted cozy warm Christmas card portraits, and I love that they wanted something casual and homey.  John even talked them into playing outside in the freshly fallen snow.


Even the pup is smiling at the camera!  what a professional!


Does it get any better than a boy and his dog?

familyportraits0003 familyportraits0004 familyportraits0005 familyportraits0006

Enjoy the sneak peek!

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November 16th, 2014

I love working with these kiddos and watching them grow up!  Normally, we do their portraits indoors, but this year when I suggested outside at one of their favorite places, I was met with an enthusiastic yes, especially since that meant they got to play in the snow!  We started off just running around, playing, throwing snowballs and making snow angles.  Then somehow their mother sweet talked them into enduring the cold in their Christmas outfits.  I love how the images turned out!


Portraits of kids at play is underrated in the portrait world.  Yes, of course lovely smiley pictures are great, but how memorable will it be to have pictures of your running, jumping, smiling, goofy kids down the road?  Lifestyle images for family sessions rock because they show such personality and freeze a moment in time…


…like this moment, when a younger brother beats his sister at a staring contest!


Now for the more formal portraits…the kids rocked it!  You’d never guess it was pretty darn cold outside.

snow004 snow005 snow006 snow007 snow008

Enjoy the sneak peek!!!

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Fall in St Paul

November 9th, 2014

Chris and Beth had their engagement session today!  We squeezed it in right before the first big Minnesota snow, so things were brisk but still lovely along the Mississippi.  We started with a walk where Chris proposed, then headed along the river.  These two U of M alum enjoyed getting a shot of the Minneapolis skyline in a portrait.

engagement001engagement002 engagement003 engagement004

Beth’s engagement ring is an heirloom diamond from Chris’s grandmother, it was so lovely!


As luck would have it, we found a home with maroon and gold mums in the front yard, perfect for some Gopher pride!


Then things got really serious…time to put on the team jerseys and decide whose team is better…it wasn’t pretty folks.


Actually, it was pretty darn cute.

engagement008 engagement009 engagement010

Beth and Chris, thank you so much for a lovely afternoon!  I can’t wait for your wedding next year!